5 Natural Therapies To Reduce Your Migraine

5 Natural Therapies For Reduce Your Migraine

Migraine is an intense headache that can last for several hours or even days. Migraine is a very painful condition and can interfere with daily activities.

Some migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light.

The first thing to do is recognize what triggers a migraine. If you can find the cause of migraine, it will be easier to stop or cure it.

There are several things that can trigger migraine include foods, additives, hormonal changes, stress, drugs, loud noises and bright light. Therefore, get to know your migraine triggers and avoid those triggers as much as possible to prevent migraine headaches reappear.

In this article we review the tips for migraine in a natural way.

1. Acupuncture
Acupuncture therapy can relieve migraines by releasing energy blockage in the body and re-launching the bloodstream, loosening the small blood vessels that tighten and become the cause of migraine.

2. Chiropractic
Try alternative Chiropractic healing methods to deal with migraines that may often interfere with your activity.

Chiropractic treatment can help migraine in a way to realign the spine and neck, release the pressure of the blood vessels tense, so that blood can flow freely back on the body and the nervous system.

3. Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is believed to help relieve migraine headaches. Add a few drops of lavender aromatherapy oil on a small towel and use it as a compress on the head, this can relieve migraine headaches.

4. Ginger tea
At the time of getting a migraine attack, drink warm ginger tea made from fresh ginger. This warm ginger tea drink can relieve headaches or migraines.

5. Drink lots of water
Reduce soft drinks, coffee and other soft drinks. It is recommended to drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

With plenty of drinking water, it can help the body rid of toxins that can cause migraine headaches.

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16 Replies to “5 Natural Therapies To Reduce Your Migraine”

  1. Many of my friends suffer from Migraine. This will be helpful for them, will send across your suggestions.

  2. I suffer from migraine, and acupuncture and ginger tea does help a lot! This is very helpful to anyone who suffers the same.

    1. Ginger tea helps me a lot with my migraine! I’d like to try acupuncture too! These are great tips to reduce migraine naturally.

  3. I had not considered going to the chiropractor to help with my migraines but it’s definitely worth a shot. Thanks so much for the information!

  4. I have never had a migraine, except for a rare mild headache. However, I always know its reason (stress, too many sweets, rainy weather), and, depending on this, I drink green or mint tea. Ginger tea is one of my favorites, and I drink it every day because this tea detoxifies the body.

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