6 Benefits of Coffee for Daily Life

Benefits of Coffee for Daily Life is for insect repellent. Using coffee powder as an insect repellent, is quite easy, namely by taking a used mat to place a serving bowl on it.

Benefits of Coffee for Daily Life – Not only delicious to drink in the morning, or on the sidelines of spare time, coffee can also provide positive benefits to human life.

Currently, according to the latest data held by the world food agency, FAO, there are at least 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed by people around the world.

Judging from the types of plants, as quoted from Listverse.com, Sunday (12/08/2018), came from a bean-called raw Benefits of Coffee for Daily Lifegreen beans.

It takes 2-3 months to grow the seed, and about four years later began to be harvested, until then through various processes to be dried coffee ready for sale.

There are two common types of coffee that are grown today, namely robusta rough-textured, taste like chocolate, and arabica tend flavorful and have a fruit flavor.

However, forget about the joy of coffee as a beverage, for the following six alternative benefit anyone able to open the eyes of the commodity which has been known since hundreds of years ago.

1. Insect Repellent

One of the most annoying insect is the mosquito, which often interfere with the moment of relaxing at home, and sometimes also the risk of triggering a variety of diseases.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the mosquitoes did not like the smell of coffee. In fact, several studies have called coffee grounds and caffeine capable of killing larvae before they grow into adult mosquitoes.

Benefits of Coffee for Daily Life is for insect repellent. Using coffee powder as an insect repellent, is quite easy, namely by taking a used mat to place a serving bowl on it. The good place to put coffee powder in front of the air circulation area, and if necessary can be expanded leaves that have been crushed, to the more effective dispel the mosquitoes naturally.

2. Eliminate Odor Nuisance

Various unpleasant smells, whether from the kitchen, bathroom, or various other spaces can be suppressed by the aroma of coffee.

In contrast to the common air fresheners on the market, the coffee aroma is not only dispel the smell, but also absorb it until it is completely gone.

How to make it is also easy, just use coffee grounds or dry coffee powder, then put it in a flat container in a place near the source of the odor.

It could also be a powder or coffee grounds socks inserted into the former, then fish tight, and a puncture in some part to remove the smell. You can hang it in front of the fan or under the air conditioner.

The more coffee, then the more unpleasant aroma that can be absorbed. But note not to use it constantly, because the benefits of odor absorbers will be lost with each passing day.

3. Lifting Dead Skin Cells

Coffee contains antioxidants that are able to balance the ph level of the skin, while combating free radicals cause dull skin.

Making coffee grounds as a scrub could be the right step to increase the chances of more remove dead skin, so the skin was more lustrous made.

For facial skin, coffee powder can also help remove the dirt that is not quite wiped clean when washing the face. Use like a scrub, and allow some time before rinsing, undoubtedly face feels softer and supple.

4. Wood Furniture Stain Cleaner

For those who have wood furniture, especially those that appear plain, it will feel annoying when the natural color fades and dulls. Although there are many care products that are sold freely in the market, but still have a negative impact because of its chemical content.

If you have coffee at home, then immediately use it to make your furniture shiny again. To get started, simply wash the furniture with a coffee pot. Use a sponge, rag or cloth to spread the coffee on the wood surface. Allow for 10-15 minutes to cool, then then wipe with a cloth slowly until dry.

Increasingly coffee boiling water flushing, it has the potential to create a darker wood furniture look like new.

5. Compost Fertilizer

Instead of letting your old coffee grounds end up in landfills, use it to your garden with a compost pile, which is able to increase the levels of nitrogen in the soil.

Add powdered or coffee grounds into compost dough, and let it blend in the process of storage. Make sure the water level is a little bit, so that the benefits of coffee can penetrate well into the compost.

6. Washing Hair

There are many advantages provided by the coffee on the hair, which is mainly in the low pH levels, making the crown of the head is maintained with good moisture.

In addition, the coffee powder is also able to lift dead scalp cells, thus reducing the risk of threats dandruff. Also, the caffeine content in coffee can stimulate hair follicles to grow dense and strong.

The use of coffee as a hair mask can also help make it shine, while maintaining its natural color.

Source: Listverse.com


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