Benefits of Star Fruit

The benefits of star fruit in this article provide detailed information and are very beneficial to human health and help natural or natural disease handling. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, antioxidant and flavonoids. Substances that play a role against cancer, premature aging and repair of body cells damaged by free radicals. High fiber content in the star fruit can help reduce digestive problems.

Star fruit is best eaten for people who have symptoms of hypertension, but the star fruit can be very dangerous if consumed in excess, especially for patients with renal insufficiency. The high oxalic acid content will cause poisoning with nausea, vomiting, disturbance of consciousness, a sense of limbs, and death insomnia although this is rare. If this happens, it’s worth taking the patient to the doctor for more effective treatment.

Benefits of Fruit Star fruit For Health is as follows:

1. For High Blood Pressure / Hypertension
Star fruit full of potassium and also low sodium. Therefore, this tropical fruit known for its ability maintain proper blood pressure by helping blood vessels relax. A cup of star fruit has about 176 mg of potassium and only 2.6 mg of sodium.

2. Control Cholesterol
Star fruit contains magnesium, which is a mineral that regulates muscle function including heart muscle. Expansion and contraction of the heart muscle generate heart rate and heart rate facilitates proper blood flow. In addition to muscle control, empty cholesterol and low fat content found in star fruit makes this fruit is very healthy for the heart. It lowers bad cholesterol that causes plaque and ultimately prevents the release of the arteries. Moreover, the fiber content makes the fruit is good for the cardiovascular system. These functions work together and maintain a healthy heart.

3. Reduce Inflammation
Free radicals intensify the inflammation that occurs in the body and slow tissue repair. Star fruit has a high antioxidant content that is useful to protect the body from inflammation. Vitamin C not only serves as an antioxidant that can cleanse toxins, but also produces collagen, is a vital component to repair bones, blood vessels and arteries. This role is important for healing the body and reducing the damage that occurs in tissue and cell levels. In fact, this is also one of the nutritional benefits of starfruit, so you should add more of this tropical fruit into your own daily diet to reduce

4. Increasing Milk Production in Mother
Some women, especially at first, found that the content of the milk they produce inadequate. Inability to produce milk can have a negative effect on them, and sometimes, it is only due to hormonal imbalance. This problem is very common and often corrected by taking hormonal pills. However, many natural remedies can help you improve and maintain a high amount of milk, and leatherback is one treatment in this house.

Some women may not experience this problem in the beginning, but when the baby’s appetite increases, this problem may occur. Thus, with proper diet, drink a cup of carambola or star fruit juice alone can fix this problem. It is one of the nutritional benefits of leatherback, so that women who suffer from this problem should not be lowered but trying to make sure to add star fruit into their daily diet.

5. Eyes Protection
Another of the star fruit nutritional benefits for humans I want to introduce throughout this article and I want my readers and others to know and remember to use it that starfruit can help protect their eyes effectively. Vitamin A plays an important role in protecting and nourishing the eye. And eating star fruit will also increase the power of vision. In addition, this fruit can be used to cure sore eyes.

6. Treating Diabetes
One more on the list of the star fruit nutritional benefits I want to reveal in this article and want you all to learn and consider using this tropical fruit if you’re trying to treat diabetes.
The method is to prepare 6 star fruit, then grated, boiled with a cup of water until the remaining half. Strain and drink twice a day. Lowering blood sugar levels, especially for those with diabetes, it is advisable to consume more of star fruit.

7. Heal the Cough
Fruit, leaves and flowers, each boiled for half an hour and then drink the water. For children, take 25 star fruit flowers, 1 cinnamon, ginger and rhizomes tile, 2 onions, ¼ handheld gotu kola, sage and rue leaves. Cut 2 pieces if necessary. Next, boil with 5 cups of water until the remaining only 2 ¼ cup. Once cool and filtered, add honey to water as needed. Drink ¾ cup water 3 times a day.
This is also one of the benefits of starfruit nutrition that you should know and use for good, especially those who struggle with cough.

8. Increase Iron Absorption
Iron is what helps the hemoglobin pigment to become red. Although, it provides a means to remove oxygen to all parts of the body and organs. Usually, iron deficiency is common and widespread, especially in underdeveloped countries where getting enough nutrition is a challenge. This deficiency present with symptoms such as dark circles under the eyes, pale tongue, persistent drowsiness, fatigue, headache and dizziness. Even by eating iron-rich foods, you may not get all the benefits because iron needs vitamin C for absorption. Of all nutrients, star fruit rich in vitamin C which facilitates the absorption of iron. Moreover, this fruit indirectly makes the hemoglobin level better and decrease anemia.

9. Maintain Healthy Hair and Humidity
Because the intake of vitamin C, your body can create and maintain the amount of collagen, essential nutrients in the skin and hair. Although this fruit has vitamin A, so it can keep your hair moist because of increased production of collagen while drinking this. In addition, star fruit effectively decreases hair loss due to vitamin C and its antioxidants.

10. To Treat Acne
You need to get 3 fresh star fruit then wash. Next, grate this fruit and add a little salt. Apply to acne prone skin twice a day. Alternatively, you can add ½ teaspoon powder sulfur, 2 tbsp lemon juice to a bowl of 6 star fruit. This mixture is used to rub the skin with acne. Repeat 2-3 times a day.
This is actually also one of the health benefits of star fruit that many people in the world have been using acne.


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Oooh starfruit!!! This reminds me so much of childhood. I love its tartness dipped in salt.

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Oh wow thanks for the information, I did not know about so many benefits of star fruit. Will try to consume then, good you shared this.


Yummy, sounds great. I might need to give this a try!


You know, i never had star fruit before, I am so intrigued especially that it is that healthy.


My husband LOVES starfruit. But I haven’t eaten any. Looks like I’ll have to check it out!


So many benefits! Sadly, we don’t see much of that fruit in our place. But when I do, I’ll definitely save some for myself.


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