13 Benefits of Wild Gooseberries as Herbal Medicines

Benefits of Wild Gooseberry as Herbal Medicines is for urine cleaning. Simply by drinking boiled water from roots to shoots of Wild Gooseberry fruit.

Benefits of Wild Gooseberry as Herbal Medicines – Wild gooseberry in Latin called as Physalis Angulata is one of the herbs that live season and has a height of about 1 meter. The seeds and the meat are sweet and the skin is quite sharp. To pick this fruit is the fruit should be collected carefully because of the sharp spines on the stem. This fruit grows on the edge of the moist forests to dry with partial shade. Maroon and white flowers are like fuchsia provide a valuable food source for hummingbirds. Gooseberry can be eaten for humans and wildlife.

Now days this fruit has been sold in many supermarkets with a fantastic price. Why? As it turns out the fruit is nutritious as herbs to cure diseases.


  1. As Urine Cleaning 
    Benefits of Wild Gooseberry as Herbal Medicines is for urine cleaning. Simply by drinking boiled water from roots to shoots of Wild Gooseberry fruit.
  2. As Asthma Drugs
    Benefits of Wild Gooseberry as Herbal Medicines as Asthma Drugs. Application of Wild Gooseberry as asthma medication is also quite easy. Take the leaves and stems of Wild Gooseberry fruit, boiled and drink the cooking water. Or take the leaves, then mix with lime paste then crushed by using both palms. Then lightly mist with water. Then press it on the palm of the hand so that the water comes out whitish green and froth. Apply on the chest, stomach and back.
  3. Awaken The Fainting
    Take the Wild Gooseberry roots and burn them. Then the ashes mixed with lime paste. After that mix with a little coconut oil and apply on the heads of those who are faint.
  4. Cure Heart Disease
    One of the benefits of Wild Gooseberry fruit is treating cardiac disorders. Take 40 leaves of Gooseberry Wild and crush it with a blender like juice, then drink without any mixture. Besides made like juice, the leaves can also we eat directly, but make sure it was washed clean
  5. Eliminate Joint Pain
    Quite easy, mix the leaves with lime paste and stick it on the affected joints.
  6. Eliminate Yellow On The New Baby Born
    Wild Gooseberry fruit can also eliminate the yellow in the newborn. Wild Gooseberry fruits are dried in the sun and then used for bathing in newborns.
  7. Good for Patient with Blood Deficiency or Anemia
    Wild Gooseberry Fruits can also treat blood deficiency or anemia. Its application is by way of cooking stems from fruit of Wild Gooseberry, then drink boiled water.
  8. Increased Intelligence
    Wild Gooseberry fruit mixed with water, lemon juice and a little sugar in addition to delicious it can also increase the intelligence of children.
  9. Reduce Fever
    Not only leaves, Wild Gooseberry fruit can also be consumed to reduce fever or heat especially in children.
  10. Reduce Cholesterol

    Part of Wild Gooseberry fruit was also able to lower cholesterol you know. Simply by eating the leaves of fruit Wild Gooseberry two sheets three times a day.

  11. Treat Diabetes
    Diabetes or diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases. How to use it is, boiled stems and roots of fruit Wild Gooseberry, then drink three times a day.
  12. Treating Stroke
    Drinking and eating parts of Wild Gooseberry fruit on a regular basis may also help treat stroke.
  13. Remedy for Ringworm
    Ringworm is indeed disturbing. In addition to making uncomfortable also ruin the appearance if it occurs in exposed body parts. You simply crush the leaves of Wild Gooseberry  and apply on the affected skin ringworm.


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11 comments on “13 Benefits of Wild Gooseberries as Herbal Medicines

I love gooseberries. I knew they were full of antioxidants because they’re berries, but I didn’t realize they had so many other great health benefits!


That is really amazing. Gooseberries are delicious. I didn’t know they were good for so many different ailments, too. I love it.

Gervin Khan

This is so informative! Thanks for sharing this. Wild gooseberries really have a lot of advantage!


Oh wow it looks like there are many health benefits including joint pain! Wild Gooseberry sounds like an amazing product I would love to try!

cute & little


I love wild gooseberries! They are not only delicious but are also packed with so many health benefits. Thanks for sharing!


Such an informative and interesting article. Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t aware that gooseberries have so many benefits.


I don’t know anything about gooseberries but these benefits are sooo good. I will be looking more into it.


This is such an in-depth article. So many benefits, I should start taking it.

Carrie Ann

I had no idea gooseberry was so useful! I’ll have to keep an eye out for them at the store – I’ve never seen them for sale where I live, but I hear they taste like grapes.


I remember this fruit. When I was a kid, I used this fruit with my friend for playing. And I also know that this fruit using in Indonesia as medicine for chicken pox.


I have never seen this view !


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