4 Benefits You Consume More Eggs

benefits you consume more eggs for your health

Egg seems to be a daily side dish of most the people. In addition to nourishing, the price is cheap also the reason many people consume this one food item.

Many people know that eggs contain good protein for the body. However, eggs have many other benefits that are no less great and very beneficial. Then what are the 4 benefits You Consume More Eggs for health? What contained there in?

Please read below the explanation 4 benefits you consume more eggs for your health

  • Helps with nutrient intake in the body

Nutritional content that is important to the body such as vitamin B, minerals, and also DHA. Meanwhile, the yellow part contains a lot of vitamin D which plays an important role to strengthen the structure of bones, teeth, and also facilitate the absorption of calcium in the body.

In addition, the yellow part contains a lot of vitamin D which is certainly very good for strengthening bones and teeth. Eating eggs every day will also help adequate intake of various nutrients needed by the body.

  • Stabilizes cholesterol levels in the blood

Although it belongs to a foodstuff containing fats, eggs can be consumed to stabilize cholesterol levels in the body. This is because the saturated fats contained therein small is only around 1.6 grams.

Most people who have high cholesterol levels avoid this food, whereas fat content in eggs is included in healthy fats that stabilize cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, the fat that is in it is only a small part that reaches the blood circulation so it will not harm the body.

  • Helps to maintain healthy Heart

The heart is one of the crucial organs of the body. Thus, maintaining heart health early on is very important to do.

Heart sufferers are advised to eat eggs at least 1-4 grains in a week when the eggs are consumed intact, either white or yellow. But if the consumption is only the white part, there is no particular limit to consume it because egg whites contain lower fat than the yellow part.

Diet programs are usually run by people who want to lose weight. Eggs can be used as one of the ingredients that can be consumed when dieting because it contains only 80 calories.

This is because eggs contain high protein with low fat content. Eggs are also very suitable to be consumed as a filling snack.

However, the enormous benefit of it does not necessarily make it arbitrarily. Eggs are included in foods that are susceptible to bacterial exposure.

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16 comments on “4 Benefits You Consume More Eggs

I eat eggs all the time. I love them, and I always feel so good when I eat them. I guess now I know why!


Eggs are incredibly good for us. I don’t think many people realize just how many health benefits there are. They got a bad wrap several years ago, and now a lot of people think that they’re bad for you. They really aren’t!


I have always liked eating eggs. It is so funny how much the diet community has flip-flopped about whether eggs are good for you or not, haha. It never prevented me from eating them though.


I love eating egg, especially the yellow part. I always gave my white part of egg to my sister. But, I guess this time I am going to eat the whole egg, since it has a beneficial health to the body.


We eat eggs pretty often. I didn’t realize there were so many benefits!


Thanks for clearing some myths and misunderstanding about eggs, especially about its ability to stabilize cholesterol levels in the blood, good read, and I will share it with my friends for those who are interseted! – Knycx journeying


Interesting! I wonder what the non-animal counterpart with the same or similar benefits is. Thanks for sharing.


Very true! I already knew all these properties of eggs, but talking about them is important. They are truly an amazing energy supply! In Italy, after the Second World War, for this reason it was customary to make eggong (but not alcoholic!) For children as a snack or breakfast.


Unfortunately, I’m allergic to eggs! I used to love eating them all the time, before my allergy came up. So sad.


I love eggs and I eat them all the time! I love how healthy they are and yet so fulling too!


I only know eggs contain a large amount of Vitamin D, but I have no idea it has other health benefits. I always eat two eggs a day for breakfast, and your post makes me to stick with it.


Hhhhmmm….about maintaining a healthy heart, I am hearing this for my very first time….otherwise, I love eggs, in whichever form they are in!


I’m so so happy I eat 2 eggs every day. Make me feel more healthy but also my body feels better.


Wow this was a really interesting read, I did not know that eating eggs had so many benefits. My other half always loves to make omelettes x


We have chickens and enjoy fresh eggs on a regular basis. I love fresh eggs and now these are even more reasons to eat them! Thanks for sharing.


Wow! I love eggs but didn’t even realise all their health benefits! I’m amazed that eggs help nutrient intake and help stabilise cholesterol levels!


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