Celery Juice Benefit Is Reduce Your Cholesterol

Celery Juice Benefit Is Reduce Your Cholesterol

So far, celery has been widely used as a flavor and aroma enhancer in dishes. Or, it is often used as a garnish or to sweeten the appearance of a dish.

But, Celery is known to be effective at warding off cholesterol in the body.

The method is quite easy. Simply blend and then consume. However, there are several things that must be considered when processing celery into juice.

According to a nutrition specialist, dr. Juwalita Surapsari, M.Gizi, SpGK, celery contains 90 percent water and is high in fiber. However, if you eat only a little, it will not benefit the body.

Although not much research has been done, Dr. Juwalita said, one small study said that 10 grams of celery or about 10 celery sticks blended with 200 ml of water, is the recommended dose for making juice.

“It just tastes bad, is bitter and has a distinctive aroma. Usually it has to be mixed with other ingredients to make it taste better,” said doctor Juwalita.

Juwalita recommends choosing a mixture of ingredients that can help the properties of celery. For example, pineapple.

“Pineapple is cut into pieces and then blended together. The taste will be fresher. Pineapple also contributes to fiber intake,” he added.

But, need to filter celery juice after blending? According to doctor Juwalita, filtering celery juice can actually reduce its fiber content. However, if it is not filtered it will be difficult to drink.

Therefore, dr. Juwalita  recommends that after blending it can be filtered first. Then, the results of the filter can be blended back with the other ingredients that can add flavor.

Because of its function to lower cholesterol, celery can also help maintain heart health. In addition, celery is rich in antioxidants and contains flavonoids whose effect can make blood vessels more relaxed and not constrict.


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Oh I love the sound of adding pineapple too it! Yummy!


I didn’t know that there were benefits! I love celery juice!


I’m trying to get more healthy and I will definitely try this drink. I usually stay away from celery but you made it sound yummy.


I love a raw, crunchy celery and I have eaten it in salads a lot. I have never tried juicing it though. Will give it a shot.


Surprisingly, Celery is one of my favorite vegetables. I didn’t know that it has these benefits. So cool!


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