Difficult To Defecate, Do These 5 Ways

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1. Wake up early

If this day can not defecate, make sure to wake up early tomorrow. Food digestion process has taken place at night, and then the rest of the digestion will be removed in the morning. When you wake up late aka during the day to make a signal to defecate also “dead”.

“The body has a ritual and a program If you care about that signal, defecation will come out If you ignore the signal, it will die,” he said.

2. Drinking Warm Water

When difficult defecation, make sure the water you drink is warm water because it can stimulate the digestive system. Later would happen peristalsis, which is a process that causes the muscles of the intestine push the dirt into the rectum, as stated by the Director of the Digestive Health Center Augusta University, USA, Satish Rao.

3. Drinking Coffee

In addition to hot drinks can also try a cup of coffee. According to research conducted by Rao, the caffeine content in coffee triggers intestinal contractions 60 percent stronger than warm water.

“There are compounds in coffee which triggers the production of certain hormones that help the body remove dirt,” said Rao.

In addition, the study also found that a third of the participants involved in the study expressed a desire CHAPTER 20 minutes after drinking coffee.

4. Imagine Something

Rao often advised his patients who had difficulty defecating to use imagination techniques. “Imagine there is a body part that hold water. Then, slowly open it, and then remove how much to be desired,” said Rao pointed out.

According to Rao, there is a connection between the body with the mind. Now with this imagination technique, can help defecate can come out.

5. Perineal Massage

If all four of the above did not also succeed, try gently massage the perineum. The perineum is the barrier between the anus and the vagina or the penis. According to the researchers, the gentle pressure on the perineum can relax the anal orifice so that the stool can quickly get out.

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7 comments on “Difficult To Defecate, Do These 5 Ways

Fortunately, I’ve never had an issues. It’s always helpful to have lots of fiber and water in your diet.


Great tips. I’m always shocked when some clients share how long between defecations. Eat more fiber, drink more water and move more.


Ooohhhh…a Perineal Massage is quite something, I must say. I will try it out.

Ej Requina

I am aware of all the methods except the massage. Glad I learned something new today. Thank you for sharing this to the world.


That’s interesting about the coffee. I do like my water warm as opposed to cold, most of the time.

Mayuri Saxena

For me, warm water early in the morning has always helped. I have never tried other ways but would definitely try if warm water doesn’t work.


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