8 Fact of Urine Color You Need To Know

Fact of Urine Color You

The Fact of Urine Color You Need To Know – Ideally, the natural color of urine is pale yellow to deep amber. Pigments and other compounds in certain of fluids you ate or drink can change your urine color from almost clear (hydrated) to dark orange or yellow (uber-dehydrated)

Urine is produced in the kidney. When you take liquids or foods, it will flow from your digestive system, into your circulatory system, and into the kidneys where it is filtered. The kidneys then get rid of waste products and extra fluids through the urine. Ureter is the channel connecting the kidneys to the bladder. Passing urine bladder through the urethra, the tube that you pee.

Here is an explanation of the color of the urine that indicates whether or not we are short of body fluids.

  1. Transparent
    Colorless urine may indicate over hydration. Although not as dangerous as dehydration, over hydration can dilute essential salts, such as the electrolyte, creating a chemical imbalance in the blood problematic.
  2. Transparent Yellow
    Normal and color in the urine indicates that you have plenty of drinking water and do not become dehydrated.
  3. Brown
    Be careful if you see this brown urine color. This color can mean you are dehydrated or have severe problems with the liver. If you’re dehydrated, you can have additional symptoms such as dizziness or lightheaded, dry skin or dry mouth, thirst, constipation and headache. You should immediately drink some of water. However, if the color of your urine is still brown you should seek medical attention to visit a doctor.
  4. Pale Yellow and Transparent Yellow
    The Fact of Urine Color You Need To Know – A pale yellow color is a normal color for urine. It shows that you are healthy and not dehydrated. Most people have pale yellow urine color or transparent yellow. Both of these colors together show a normal state of the body.
  5. Dark Yellow
    This means you do not get dehydrated. At least not yet. If you look at the color of urine is dark yellow, you should drink water immediately afterwards. Because this color indicates that you are almost dehydrated if you do not drink anytime soon.
  6. Amber or Honey
    Probably dehydrated. Note: Many popular sites recommend drinking water to cope with some color on the top, but Dena Rifkin, MD, an expert in nephrology at UC San Diego Health and assistant professor of medicine, advised caution. “I would never advise anyone to check the color of their urine for hydration and would not recommend hydrate based on the color of urine. Instead, ‘drink to thirst. ‘The eight glasses of water per day is an urban myth as far as is known by most physicians and the only people who should be concerned about drinking more are those who have a history of kidney stones. “
  7. Pink
    For some people, eating beets, blueberry or rhubarb can do this. “If you’ve eaten bits and experienced a change in urine color, you do not need to see a doctor,” Rifkin said. On the other hand, the pink color may be the first indicator of a larger problem. See red.
  8. Red
    This color can be a worrying sign for many things. Blood in the urine, called hematuria, can be benign, idiopathic or sign of kidney stones, infection or tumor in the urinary tract. This may indicate a problem with the prostate. Or the possibility of lead or mercury poisoning. Or a group of rare inherited disorder known as porphyrias. Red urine is a red flag to immediately consult a doctor.





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16 comments on “8 Fact of Urine Color You Need To Know


wow, I just knew everything about these….


This was a really interesting read. I had no idea that urine color played such a role in helping us keep track of our health.


Oh wow so many colors to look out for! Its so important to vigilant with this.


It’s so important to keep track of your health, even doing something like checking your urine color. I check mine regularly. It can help you get the jump on things.


I had no idea there were so many different urine colors, haha. I drink a lot of water, so I usually don’t have an issue with dehydration.


This is actually something I have known for a long time. It was explained to me at my first appointment for my first pregnancy. It was the primary way that pregnant women were tested to health during their pregnancies.


This is a good reference to follow and well explained. I do not think many people realise this as a vital indicator for health. There should be more awareness on this topic. You have done a great job by sharing this information!

Gervin Khan

Now, this topic should consider or I may say a must to read by everyone. This is very important to assess ourselves if our condition is normal or we need to consult with our physician. Thanks for sharing such information that is very worth reading.


This is a good reference to check if you intaking enough fluids. This was such a helpful blog post!


i honestly did not know about over hydration ! so it was a very good article and i suppose we need to know the right balance

Blair Villanueva

I love colors but not to the part where colors are indications of problems just like in urine tests. Thanks for sharing these facts, very helpful for all.


Oh wow, this reminds me to just keep hydrating! I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day (almost 4-5 cups, I know it is bad!) I always think I’m super dehydrated even though I don’t feel it but these colors are definitely indicators of that!


I had read about them while we were taught about the classification of diseases. And they are real. And it’s good that you have posted about it!


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