10 Foods to Avoid Before Sex

10 Foods to Avoid Before Sex are cauliflowers, kale and broccoli. These vegetables contain raffinose and sulfates which can make you feel sick.

10 Foods to Avoid Before Sex-  When the desire to come to spend some quality time with your partner suddenly obstructed due to indigestion, decreased libido and inadvertently exhaust gas that eventually degrade desire. All of these things because it is caused by the food we eat before having sex. That’s why in this article, I shared information to be known that there are 10 foods that should be avoided when you are going to have sex


1. Nuts
10 Foods to Avoid Before Sex is nuts. For example peas, peanuts or other types of foods that contain nuts. Beans contain oligosaccharides (sugar molecules that can not be digested by the body until smooth) which causes stomach cramps and more often result in excessive gas. 2 things that will lower your mood when you want to have sex.

2. Cauliflowers, Kale & Broccoli
10 Foods to Avoid Before Sex are cauliflowers, kale and broccoli. These vegetables contain raffinose and sulfates which can make you feel sick. “Humans do not have the enzymes to break down raffinose, complex sugars commonly found in cruciferous vegetables,” says clinical nutritionist Jennifer Cassetta, CN, MS. “So when these vegetables to the lower intestine, they are fermented by bacteria and produce methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, which causes the gas. “

3. Onion & Garlic
This spicy vegetables, along with coffee and spicy foods, has the ability to mess up your body odor – and in a way that is not good.

4. Non Organic Soy Products
Because soybeans contain isoflavones mimicking estrogens called phytoestrogens, consuming too much can disrupt the balance of male and female hormones – which describes low libido. In a rare occurrence, a case study in the journal Nutrition found that after applying a vegan diet, excessive based on soy products, a 19-year-old man suffered a loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Do not consume soy formula, edamame, tofu, and soy-based soy excessive, and always make sure they are organic (meaning not a GMO as well)!

5. Beer
You might want a little hot before you start dealing, but a state of mind that is caused by the beer can also change your libido. That’s because the hormone-disruption of phytoestrogens present in the material that is of interest brewer hop.

6. Commercially Sold Food Grills
There are two grand sex saboteur in sweet foods: trans fats and sugar. Artery-clogging fats can make your O stop temporarily, sweet things increase insulin levels, which can lead to abdominal fat storage and loss of muscle mass-which often results in lower testosterone levels. And if you are a man, the bad news is: belly fat increases estrogen levels, causing you to experience low libido and erectile dysfunction.

7. Candy Licorice
Glycyrrhizin acid, the main compound in licorice are also responsible for suppressing the production of testosterone. In one study, seven healthy male participants consumed seven grams of licorice tablets containing 0.5 grams glikolramat acid every day. Just four days in this study, the total testosterone level of the subjects showed a 35 percent decrease.

8. Cheese
In addition to many commercial dairy products containing antibiotics that disrupt hormones, about 65 percent of the lactose-intolerant population. And abdominal discomfort is not the best motivation to get you excited.

9. Asparagus
If you are an avid eater asparagus, you’re definitely seeing a strange effect on aroma asparagus pee. With that in mind, avoid these healthy vegetables before it gets busy.

10. Processed Meat
If you buy from the supermarket cold cuts, the possibility of their plastic wrappers are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is soluble in fatty foods and cause hormonal shifts – which can cause your sex drive decreased. In addition to processed meats, hot dogs and hamburgers containing added hormones, preservatives and antibiotics that can cause an imbalance.


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Oh wow this is really informative! I never knew that licorice can decrease testosterone 😯

Elizabeth O

What an interesting list of foods to avoid. Some of them made a lot of sense while others were a surprise. Very informative


What an interesting list of foods. I knew about asparagus pee.

Carrie Ann

Very interesting article! I love cheese, but I stick with the lactose-free versions like Cheddar so I won’t have an upset stomach 🙂


I have a #11 but maybe it’s a personal issue… tuna! I find it to be a huge turn-off for sexy-time.


I’ve learnt a lot from this list. Especially since you listed the reasons too. Helpful.


Good to consider. Some I knew. Nuts I wouldn’t have thought of though!


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