6 Home Remedies For Gout and Uric Acid

Home Remedies For Gout and Uric Acid is Green Chiretta. Green Chiretta also widely known as a traditional medicinal plant.

Home Remedies For Gout and-  Uric Acid Well, if you include people who suffer from gout? If so, you should not underestimate this disease. Because it is not impossible this disease could endanger your health if kept let alone. Choose the right treatment to overcome the problem.

Uric acid is a condition of the occurrence of elevated uric acid levels in the body. Increased levels of uric acid is caused by the accumulation of purines that produce uric acid. The amount of purine released is smaller than that absorbed, so that there is excess uric acid in the body.

Excessive uric acid in the body will accumulate in the joints so that raises a variety of complaints such as pain, swelling and even inflammation. The joints are generally painful, among others, fingers, toes, knees, wrists and feet.

Too many purine substances that enter the body can interfere with the function of the kidneys, so that the kidneys are unable to remove the excess uric acid. therefore, reduce the consumption of foods containing purine substances such as red meat, organ meats, some fish (sardines, tuna), some types of vegetables (spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, peas) as well as alcoholic beverages.

One treatment that can be taken is a traditional treatment that utilizes natural ingredients. Here we will describe some types of plants that can be used as natural uric acid remedy.

Green Chiretta

Home Remedies For Gout and Uric Acid is Green Chiretta. Green Chiretta also widely known as a traditional medicinal plant. Although these plants originated from India, but can flourish in Indonesia and are not difficult to find. Green Chiretta also a medicinal plant which is powerful enough uric acid. All parts of the Green Chiretta plant can be used as a medicine, but in general the leaves are used.
How to process them is by boiling and then drink the water boiled. Green Chiretta contains several intermediates such as aldehydes, ketones, alkane, flavonoids, and various important minerals such as potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Heartleaf Moonseed

The second one Home Remedies For Gout and Uric Acid is Heartleaf Moonseed Heartleaf Moonseed is a kind of herb plants that have many benefits for health and is one of the types of medicinal plants uric acid. How to cultivate it is quite simple, you just need to boil the leaves of Heartleaf Moonseed and then filtered for water taken. It is indeed famous bitter, but powerful properties to reduce uric acid.
In addition to treating gout, Heartleaf Moonseed also has many benefits, among others, to treat high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, improve body immunity, and make your skin always tight / youthful.

Not only as a food seasoning celery also have benefits for health. One of the benefits of celery can treat gout. In celery are a wide variety of compounds that can treat diseases of uric acid, a substance contained in celery: calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, C, glycosides, apiin, apiol, and falvonoid. Among the substances contained in celery, glycosides are very effective for treating joint problems and gout.

Soursop Leaf

Chemical compounds in soursop leaves are very powerful to kill bacteria, viruses and can be used for the regeneration of damaged cells. Soursop leaves also contain some substances that are very effective to cure some types of diseases. Some of these substances include acetogenin, annocatalin, gentisic acid, annomuricin, caclourin and linoleic acid. Acetogenin can even kill cancer cells in the body. Other compounds are glycosides, tannins and various other compounds namely alkaloids and flavonoids. Because it has some content as mentioned above, soursop leaf serves to function as an antiviral, antibacterial, helps digestion and antimicrobial.

  • Take soursop leaves 6-10 pieces and then clean using running water. Cut the leaves of the soursop into several sections so that the juices contained therein can be mixed with water to the maximum. Then take two cups of water and boiled with soursop leaf that has been cleaned. Wait until the remaining one glass of water only, then drink regularly twice a day in the morning and night.

Cat’s Whiskers or Java Tea

You may have often heard the efficacy of leaves of Cat’s Whiskers or Java Tea as a kidney stone remedy. Besides potent to destroy kidney stones, it turns out that Cat’s Whiskers or Java Tea is also a plant of uric acid medicine. This plant is easily found around us, usually grows wild in ditches or on the riverbank. But after a lot of information about the properties of this plant, it’s been a lot of people who planted it in the yard.
Cat’s Whiskers plant or Java Tea contains substances orthosiphonin glycosides and diuretics so that it will stimulate spending uric acid in the urine. It also contains sinsetin substances that prevent inflammation and infection of the urinary tract. To cure gout, then drink a decoction of leaves cat whiskers on a regular basis.

The use of celery as a gout medicine easiest way is by eating it directly as fresh vegetables. You can also boil 1 celery seeds with 3 glasses of water. Wait until the remaining boiled water celery is about 1 cup. Strain and wait until chill and then drink. Drink 2 to 3 times a day.

Bay Leaf

In everyday life, bay leaves are better known as kitchen spices. But it turned out the bay leaf is also one of the medicinal plants of uric acid. Bay leaves are known to have a very fragrant smell. How to treat uric acid with bay leaves is by boiling and then filtered for water and taken regularly. Bay leaf contains several important substances such as flavonoids, tannins, and essential oil effective to cure gout.

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I don’t have gout but I keep on hearing about the benefits of celery! I need to have it more often.


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I love hearing about home remedies like these because I would much rather use natural products than hard pills or other antibiotics. Celery seems to be good for just about everything!

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I don’t have gout but I’d definitely like to avoid it if possibe. Prevention is key and the good news is that I already love celery juice, so…


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