8 Ways To Lose Weight In A Week

8 Ways To Lose Weight In A Week

Normal weight needs to be known to be a limitation so that a strict diet is not lived by force so it is dangerous for health. Also pay attention to body alarms and it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor to find out the right way to lose weight.

Losing weight is a matter of balance between the calories burned and the calories consumed from food and drinks. We must ensure that our consumption of calories is not excessive. Let’s look at 8 ways how to lose weight in a week with healthy methods.

1. Start Your Day With Lemon Water

Lemon fruit contains potassium which is useful for increasing muscle mass. Thus, saturated fats in the body will be more flammable. The most practical way to consume the lemon is by cutting the lemon into two pieces and then pressing the fruit into cold white water.

2. Take A Moment To Sport

Want a sexier body and more suitable durability? Now, there are a lot of video tutorials on YouTube that teach you easy sports, not only can you learn how to easily shrink the stomach, but also a variety of fun sports movements that you can practice with your spouse.

3. Reduce Eat Carbohydrate

It is not a common secret that most major sources of saturated fats are carbohydrates. So, reducing the carbohydrate intake will give a significant change in body weight! Replace carbohydrate intake with high nutritious vegetables so that your energy does not faint quickly. If you still feel hungry, you can change your snacks by consuming fruit juices or healthy snacks under 150 calories.

4. Eat Banana In The Morning

If you eat bananas in the morning, you will be easier to feel full and the digestive metabolism of the body is also smoother. Did you know? You can also make ripe bananas as facial masks for oily skin!

5. Drink Water

Ladies, You certainly know that this habit is actually very essential for the health of the body and beauty of skin. Women need about 2, 2 liters of white air per day to maintain the hydration of the body. If you often do not spend a bottle of water in a period of 3 hours and your urine is usually yellow, that’s a bad sign!

6. Reduce Eat Sugar

For you, coffee lovers and Tea, do not get-you do not change to stop consumption and coffee you. You only need to reduce the portion of sugar used! If you are singing coffee or the one with two spoons of sugar, it is good that you do not put sugar at all and replace it with a healthier natural honey.

7. Do Not Eat After 7pm

Whatever you consume after 7 o’clock at night it is said to be fat for the body… Especially if you don’t have much activity after that (aka Direct sleep!). Therefore, it is recommended after 7 pm for you not to consume any heavy foods except fruits and vegetables.

8. Enough Sleep

The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours. In addition, when the rest time decreases then the body will be faster to feel hungry. Thus, you so want to pack in, right? Therefore, try to sleep early during this week

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10 comments on “8 Ways To Lose Weight In A Week


All such great tips. The hardest one for me is getting enough sleep!


wow nice article


Lemon water definitely works for me, it’s a great way of starting the day. The other tips are great as well, thanks!


This is the second time I’ve read about the importance of sleep today. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. 😉


These are really great tips! I also start my day with lemon water and it helps with digestion. HIIT helps too so you’re body is in a calorie deficit.


Nice tips for anyone wanting to improve their health. I love lemon water anytime of the day.


Thats what i need it now.Thanks for sharing with us.loosing weight is big change!


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