Leave These Trivial Habits Cancer Will Attack You

Cancer can be a disease that most people want to avoid. But there are many habits we do, actually invited the cancer comes to our bodies specially throat cancer. This includes an unhealthy lifestyle. We want to avoid cancer because the disease is difficult to cure. Likewise with cancer treatment, which requires considerable cost and takes a very long time. Well, if you want to avoid the cancer, then do not leave this one trivial habit. Because our proven to reduce the risk of dangerous cancer.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, brushing teeth can reduce the risk of getting throat cancer more than one fifth.

These higher levels of certain bacteria associated with gum disease, will increase the likelihood of someone developing cancer by 21 percent. This finding is in a study in the United States.

It is not clear whether the bacteria or gum disease, which leads to diet-related cancer.

Researchers believe, their findings highlight the importance of oral and dental hygiene. Brushing teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly, can avoid other health complications.

Throat cancer is the eighth most common of these diseases. And the sixth cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, according to the researchers.

However, because the cancer often is not found until it reaches an advanced stage, the five-year survival rates ranging from 15 to 25 percent.


How is this research done?

Researchers from New York University analyzed, samples from 122,000 people who suck the liquid around their mouths. Over 10 years, 106 study participants developed esophageal cancer.

The findings were published in the journal Cancer Research. The results highlight the importance of oral hygiene.

The results revealed that certain bacteria associated with gum disease, may increase the risk of throat cancer by 21 percent.

However, other bacterial strains lowers a person’s chances of developing cancer. It is not clear whether the bacteria or certain gum disease raises the risk of cancer in a person.

The Leader of this  research, Professor Jiyoung Ahn said: “Our study shows that to learn more about the role of oral microbiota could potentially lead to strategies to prevent cancer of the esophagus, or at least identify it at an early stage.”

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