Make Disease, Don’t Put 4 This Meal on Your Dinner Menu

Make Disease, Don’t Put 4 This Meal on Your Dinner Menu – Dinner with people you love, would be very important. Not just the moment, but also the food you eat before bed is also important.

For your information, there are some foods that you better eat during the day. In addition to affecting health, it also affects weight.

It is also what makes people afraid to dinner, girls. You see, dinner can make you gain weight and can also be a distended stomach.

But it turns out, in fact you’re not going to fat if dinner every day. As long as the food you eat is not the 4 foods menu as follows:



Don’t Put 4 This Meal on Your Dinner Menu is Burger. Burger, in addition to including a junkfood that is not healthy, burger makes you fat, because too much flour and contains large calories. What else there is bacon were very tasty tempting. But alas, your weight will go up if you often eat burgers at night.

Having a drink in the evening with friends or a loved one is very exciting. What if the next day off and you do not need to worry about the curfew and the activities that you have to live the next day. But alcohol was not good for the health of the kidneys and the liver, if consumed in excess.
Anyway, alcohol makes you snore louder during sleep. So, it is better not to drink alcohol before bed.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate does have calories less compared to other chocolate. But, still, we recommend you Don’t Put 4 This Meal on Your Dinner Menu. After all, this bittersweet chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which stimulates the nervous system that increases the heart rate and you can make it difficult to sleep.

The dinner menu was too often we prepare is chicken. Although delicious chicken meal in the evening, but we recommend you do not put the chicken in the list of the dinner menu. Because chicken contains proteins that much. It makes the digestive system is slower to 50 percent! Thus, your body does not rest even though you’re sleeping. And it can make you sick in the future.


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2 comments on “Make Disease, Don’t Put 4 This Meal on Your Dinner Menu

I’m so sad when reading this list. Except for the burger, I usually have the other 3 at night, especially chicken. Anyway, it’s good to know the info. Thanks for sharing!


It’s interesting to know that dark chocolates aren’t good to eat before sleeping. Noted that.


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