The Healthy Menu for Diabetes

The Healthy Menu for Diabetes is Salads. Salads can include low-sugar fruit elements. Try using lemon or lime juice as a dressing, or a slice of avocado on top.

The Healthy Menu for Diabetes – For diabetics, sweet foods and multiplying vegetables and fruits should be part of a balanced and healthy diet plan.

The benefits of increasing daily intake of fruits, namely lowering or maintaining a healthy weight, getting vitamins, minerals, and essential fiber, and reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

In fact, the American Cancer Society recommends that a person consume about 2.5 cups of fruit and vegetables daily.

Someone can put low-sugar fruit into their food every meal. Here’s an example of a menu that can be applied in low-sugar diet, quoted Medicalnewstoday, Tuesday (28/11/2017)



The person who normally breakfasts the cereal should be sure choosing cereals without added sugar. Try adding sliced ​​berries or peaches on it. Alternatively, consumption of some berries with low-fat yoghurt is also a healthy option.

Instead of drinking fruit juice, which has a high sugar content, The Healthy Menu for Diabetes is Lemon Juice. Lemon juice or lime juice into mineral water can be a refreshing alternative.

Lunch and dinner

The Healthy Menu for Diabetes is Salads. Salads can include low-sugar fruit elements. Try using lemon or lime juice as a dressing, or a slice of avocado on top of it. Slices of grapefruit and berries also make the salad topping delicious.

Whole fruit is an excellent alternative to diabetics for desserts. Low-sugar fruit can be eaten with yogurt or made into fruit salad by adding a small amount of honey if needed.


Low-sugar fruit can be an appropriate snack alternative. Someone snacks more fruit by cutting large pieces, like melons, into small pieces and storing them in the fridge.


Most people can add more fruit to their diet, even if they want to reduce their sugar intake.

One can choose a better fruit with the aim of eating at least 2.5 glasses of fruit or vegetables daily. The important points in eating fruit, namely: eating whole fruit is better than drinking fruit juice.





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I have diabetes 🥺thanks for sharing tips.

Steven Morrissette

I am not diabetic but your menu looks awesome and it makes lots of sense. I should start eating better.


These are great tips for a diabetic menu thanks for sharing


This is definitely a great menu for people with diabetes. Definitely eat lots of veggies!


I am not diabetic but it so important to maintain our daily diet and eating health proper meal. This post would help a lot specially for diabetic people. Thanks to this~

Wendy Polisi

This is an awesome menu to keep an eye on. Diabetes effects so many people these days.


These are great ideas for meal plans! I need to reduce the amount of sugar I intake during breakfast!


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