Traditional Herbs to Lose Weight and Shrink Belly

When it comes to losing weight, one particular area seems to be very stubborn and needs extra care. No matter how restrictive our diet is or how hard we work out, belly fat seems to take its time and reduce at its own pace. Belly fat is more than a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight.

Though losing fat from this area can be difficult, there are several things you can do to reduce excess abdominal fat.

Here are some of the best Traditional Herbs to Lose Weight and Shrink Belly

1. Ginger

Ginger is known for its benefits in helping increase fat burning in the body so that it can lose weight and shrink the stomach. The combination of ginger and honey will help you lose weight and slimming the stomach in a week.

2. Lime, Coconut Water and Grape

Two herbal ingredients, namely coconut water and lime, have high antioxidant content. The fiber content and fatty acid in the lemon juice can help to lose weight naturally and healthy.

Prepare 1 lime and 5 grapes and add to two liters of water. Also add half the coconut flesh which is cut into small pieces. Add some mint leaves and leave for two hours. Afterward, drink two to three glasses a day.
By regularly drinking this traditional herb for a week, the body weight will decrease and become slimmer.

3. Green tea

There are two main ingredients in green tea as a weight loss drink. The content is caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine can stimulate calorie expenditure and improve performance during exercise.

While the antioxidants in green tea, which is epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, can increase the metabolism. It can help the breakdown of fats in the body.

4. Cinnamon and Ginger

Cinnamon is an herbal ingredient that has many benefits for maintaining health. In addition to the content of cinnamon is also believed to leach fat or slimming body naturally.

By making it a traditional herb with a mixture of ginger is believed to flatten a protruding belly without exercise and quickly.

How to make it:

  • Prepare 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, 2 sticks of cinnamon, and 1 segment of ginger.
  • Boil 4 cups of water until hot, then add the cinnamon powder and cinnamon sticks, then add the ginger that has been coarsely ground.
  • After boiling, remove from heat and let stand to warm.
  • Pour the ginger and cinnamon into a glass to drink.
  • Drink warm after waking up for a week and you will lose weight.

5. Apple cider vinegar

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is the key to this weight loss drink. Acetic acid can increase metabolism, reduce insulin levels, and reduce appetite. Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a drink can keep you full longer. However, not too often consume drinks acid for weight loss. Therefore, it could

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38 Replies to “Traditional Herbs to Lose Weight and Shrink Belly”

  1. I gained weight since the starts of the pandemic and I am happy to know these things from you. I will definitely try all of these to lose some weights before the day of my birthday. Thank you!

  2. I love your post, coz these are the things I use myself and have helped me immensely. Ginger specifically increases the metabolism rate. Green tea is regular for me.

  3. Nice list, I’m on a diet for 6 months now,
    Lost a lot of weight and all veg and fruits helped me. I will try the coconut – grapes combination, this will be something new to me. Thumbs up for the green tea! Really works!

  4. I didn’t realize that lime, coconut water and grape were ways that could help you lose weight naturally! I’ll have to look more into this for myself.

  5. Wow I love reading about losing weight tips I’m glad to see this blog I’ve learned something that can help me for my losing weight Although I’ve lost 9 kgs for 3 months 🙂

  6. This is going to be such a big help for so many people. It’s hard to get some of that stubborn fat off, and going all-natural is far better than popping a pill full of chemicals.

  7. First of all thank you for these wonderful drinks that we can have to lose weight and shrink our belly. This is what I’ve been looking for, I want to shrink my belly and to be more confident about myself.

  8. I could never develop taste for green tea. But ginger and cinnamon are perfect to do the needful for me.

  9. I didn’t realize that there were so many amazing herbs out there to help shrink belly fat! This is really useful to know, for people looking to lose weight.

  10. These are great tips! I have a post-partum belly and weight problem and gonna try the ginger and cinamon. I also heard that cammomile tea is great!

  11. Thanks for all the comments. Actually there are many herbal plants that we can use for alternative treatment and do not cause excessive effects. In my own family, I prioritize this method of treatment, for diseases that do not require doctor’s care. Besides all that, living healthily and reducing junk food can reduce diseases that arise from free radicals. It is my pleasure that this article has been of assistance to all of you

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