10 Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health and Beauty

What Are The Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health and Beauty – Although famous as a fruit that is believed to facilitate defecation because it contains a lot of fiber. But did you know that there are many other benefits of papaya fruit that you can get for health?

Fruit has a variety of nutritional content that nourishes the body. One of them that you can try is papaya which is quite popular in tropical areas.

Papaya contains a lot of nutrients, even very rich in vitamin C. One papaya contains at least 235 mg of vitamin C. This amount is 2-3 times more than the recommended daily recommendation.

Not only that, papaya also contains other nutrients needed by the body, namely vitamin A, vitamin B1, B3, B5, vitamin E, vitamin K, lycopene, fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, and magnesium. With a myriad of nutrients, papaya provides so many health benefits.

Papaya has the Latin name Carica Papaya is a fruit that comes from Mexico and South America. papaya has become naturalized throughout the Caribbean IslandsFloridaTexasCaliforniaHawaii, and other tropical and subtropical regions of the world

10 Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health

Some people may know papaya as a fruit that can improve digestion. But actually there are various benefits of papaya for health and beauty that you need to know:

1. Protects the Digestive System from Bacteria and Parasites

The first benefit of Papaya fruit for health is that it can protect the digestive system from all bacteria and parasites. Do you know why papaya is known to improve digestion? This is because papaya contains the enzyme papain which makes protein easier to digest. According to research, consuming papaya for 40 days is thought to cure constipation and flatulence.

The seeds, which are black and covered with a clear membrane, have important nutrients with antibacterial properties that are effective against bacteria. In addition, papaya seeds are also able to kill parasites in digestion.

2. Maintain Kidney Health

Kidney health needs to be maintained as well as possible. Because the kidneys have a very important role, so that the body can work optimally. Experts from the University of Karachi, Pakistan, found that papaya seeds can be used to improve kidney health and prevent kidney failure. All disorders related to the kidneys can be prevented and overcome with papaya seeds.

3. Reduces Cancer Risk

Papaya fruit also contains lycopene, which is believed to be beneficial for reducing the risk of cancer. This orange fruit is very useful for those who are being treated for cancer.

4. Relieves Pain During Menstruation

Some women often feel pain in their stomach when menstruating. However, don’t panic when this happens. The reason is, the pain can be overcome easily, one of which is consuming papaya. This is because the papain enzyme can regulate blood flow during menstruation.

5. Role as Anti Diarrhea

Actually, there are so many drugs that can be used to treat diarrhea, but not a few who choose to use medicinal plants as an alternative. One of them is papaya fruit seeds. However, the utilization of papaya seeds is still low, even though papaya seeds contain active compounds such as tannins, phenols, saponins, and alkaloids. This compound can be used as an anti-diarrhea.

6. Reduces Blood Cholesterol

The next benefits of papaya seeds can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. This is because papaya seeds contain flavonoid compounds which have an important role as antioxidants so that they can reduce cholesterol oxidation.

7. As a Natural Contraception

Papaya seeds can be used as a natural contraceptive that is free of side effects, both for women and for men. Not surprisingly, for a long time, women and men in India and Southeast Asia often use papaya and its seeds to control fertility.

So, for women who are pregnant or want to get pregnant soon, it is better not to consume papaya seeds. A similar prohibition also applies to those who are breastfeeding, because the anti-parasitic properties in it are strong enough to injure the little one’s digestive tract.

Meanwhile, for men, consuming at least one teaspoon of papaya seeds every day for three months will significantly reduce sperm production, without affecting libido. But take it easy, the impact above will not be felt forever, but only temporarily. When you stop consuming it, someone’s fertility will return to normal.

8. Treat Worms

The next property of papaya seeds is to be able to overcome intestinal worms in the digestive tract. To get its benefits, papaya seeds are usually used as a syrup which has an anthelmintic effect, which is useful as an eradication and reduction of worms in the human body. Eating dried papaya seeds also plays an important role as an antihelmintic and is efficacious in overcoming intestinal worms in school-age children.

9. Boosts the Immune System

Vitamins A, C, and E in papaya can help strengthen the immune system. As a result, we will avoid infectious diseases, such as colds and flu.

10. Good for Dengue Fever


Papaya is thought to have a good impact on diseases caused by the dengue virus which can reduce the platelet count. Research shows that patients with dengue infection who get papaya leaf extract have a faster increase in platelets than those who receive regular treatment. However, this effect still needs further clinical investigation.

6 Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Beauty

1. Healthy Eyes

Papaya contains vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Vitamin A is needed for corneal health and produces enough moisture to keep the eyes well lubricated.

2. Prevent Acne

In addition to health, papaya seeds are also beneficial for beauty. When processed into oil, it has anti-inflammatory properties so it is very useful in preventing acne. Moreover, the oil from papaya seeds is very light and easily seeps into the skin. This means that the oil will not clog pores or cause more irritation, but will only purify and dissolve dead skin cells.

3. Healthy Hair and Nails

Papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals that help promote hair and nail growth. This orange fruit can even be used as a hair mask to nourish hair. The presence of folic acid in papaya which can help increase circulation to the hair follicles and promote hair growth. You can feel this benefit by eating papaya regularly. So, get ready for long and healthy hair.

4. Heals Sunburned Skin

Papaya contains a substance called lycopene. According to research, consuming lycopene can maintain skin health because the antioxidant activity of this substance plays a role in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals.

5. Prevents Premature Aging

Not only useful for making your body healthier, papaya can also make your skin look younger, you know. This is because the content of vitamin C and lycopene in papaya can protect your skin from free radicals and reduce signs of aging.

The enzyme papain which helps soften and revitalize the skin, as well as vitamins A and C which help reduce wrinkles and fade dark spots. Not only that, vitamin C is also useful in helping the body produce collagen which can reduce wrinkles.

6. Evens Skin Color

Do you have uneven skin tone due to stubborn pimples? Take it easy, you can use papaya to fix it, because this sweet fruit is a natural exfoliator.

A natural exfoliating enzyme called papain will help rejuvenate the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil. This enzyme is able to break down dead skin cells and sebum in the skin pores. The result is skin that is fresher, smoother, and supple to the touch.

7. Brighten Skin

Want to get naturally bright skin? Looks like you need oil from papaya seeds. Because these oils contain vitamin C and carotene which will help fight free radicals that cause aging and dull skin. These two ingredients also help inhibit the production of bacteria that cause dark spots.


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I love papaya. It’s one of my favorite fruits. I didn’t realize it was so good for me!


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I knew papaya was great in beauty products, and I knew it tasted delicious. I didn’t know that it had so many great health benefits, too!


I have always loved papaya. I use it in my cooking all the time for its health benefits, and I actually make some homemade skincare items with it, too.


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I won’t lie I have been intimidated by Papaya. I need to open up more to this fruit.


We love papaya! So many great recipes for this unique fruit.


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